Christmas is not for politics but for priorities

Did you get into a fight at Christmas by talking politics?

We all want to engage in democracy and talk to our family about politics and which party would be best, and who had the best program. However, no matter how you try to stay civil, someone will come in and just talk loud and call everyone else an idiot.

Try instead to talk about priorities. Ask you friends and family what is new in their lives and what are their priorities for the new year. This will inform you more about how they see there day to day and what is coming up in the months and years to come.

Priorities is what we need to assess before even looking at a political party and their programs. If you are the member of a political party, that is even more important because you could influence the party program and agenda for the next year and the next election. However, if you let big donors and business dictate what direction your party should take, you may lose site of your family and your own priorities.

Take a chance, and ask someone you care about what their priorities are.

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