Crisis time: give the government a chance

It is Saturday March 14, 2020. It is Pie day (3.14). It is also Covid-19 season or wave.

I have to admit to not have check a lot of comments on the different governmental twitter accounts that I follow or politicians that I follow. I do follow some journalists so that I get updated reports. And again, I have not read the comments.

This is definitely a crisis that is effecting the world and Canada as well. I have to say that I feel informed and prefer a quiet and tempered approach to this pandemic. Not only are provincial governments and the federal government appear to be informed, it feels like they are taking the right measure.

The bigger problem I see, is that some are already rendering judgment on the actions taken, without give each measure the needed time to take effect.

For those of you that want to get more information, here is a link to the Canadian Government website: Here is also the CDC’s website link:

Remember to wash your hands and let the politician do politics.

Be respectful and kind with the people that surround you.


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