Why a book titled The Power of Your Vote

When the idea for the book came, the election was about a year away. What I noticed was that people were already going at each other over allegiance to political party or opinions. However, no one was really talking about their priorities, what they wanted from a government, or how things could be done better where they lived.

Most of what I read were attacks and people acting like sport fans of political parties. Most important thing to remember Politic is not a sport.

So I wrote this book to start different conversion about politics, political party promises, and candidates. Also, to help myself and others to participate in democracy by voting, of course, but also, by talking about our priorities, our points of view, and opinions.

The book is not mainly about politics, more about communication. How sometimes the medium used to communicate promises is just emotions in a bottle then facts or information.

It is my belief that the more we vote, the more politicians will listen to votes instead of lobbyist or big party donors. Every voter has a power, and it is a vote.

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