Look past the theatrics

Theatrics are great when you watch a magic show. They make the audience look away from where the illusion happens.

Theatrics, during an election, a race for leadership of a political party, or to push an agenda, are there to either obstruct your view or distraction from the big picture. Think about commercials where they repeat the same thing over and over; or when they use quote out of context, or simply use big bold fonts and an angry tone. Those type of commercials really want you to notice specific things, without looking at other actions, context, or repercussions.

Theatrics are there at conventions to hype up the crowd and get people ready to listen and cheer. Theatrics can even make sure that you will view actions and words in a specific ways.

It can be hard to look past the theatrics if they are constructed with words, opinions and ideas that resonate with your worries, concerns, or priorities. It is important to not take all the commercials, rhetoric, or propaganda at face value, which is the goal of theatrics. Theatrics are there to make you stop in your tracks and go no further.

If you find yourself stopped in your tracks by theatrics, commercials, speeches, or quotes, take the time to look behind the curtain. Find a way to take a step back and ask “What is this blocking from my view?” or “What are they not including in this message?”

One of the theatrics all political parties like to use is the promise to lower taxes with the shine reward of more money in your pocket. However, taxes are the way for government to have a budget to spend on things like health care, roads, environment protection, and military. How many ads about lowering taxes ever mentions budget cuts? Let’s be honest, reduction in taxes, is a reduction in budget, is a reduction in health care, roads, etc.

Theatrics are there to get your attention and to keep your attention from wondering about everything else.


Make it a game! Identify the theatrics and compare notes with your friends and family.

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