New Federal election – assess your priorities

Assess your priorities

So we have a federal election underway. Each party has taken the time to come up with a list of priorities, where they will spend money, where they will cut, what needs immediate attention and what will be done over a long period of time.

Commercials, speeches and articles have been written to communicate the list of priorities, the vision of where Canada should go, and what Canada cannot afford.

The things is, we the voters also have to take the time and make our priority list so that instead of sitting and waiting for someone to tell us what our priorities are, we are ready with our list. This way you can do a comparison and may find some surprises.

Remember this is a Federal elections. Remember as well that our taxes (and some fees) make the budget for the Federal government spending. Important to remember that they are a number of transfers that happens from the Federal to the Provincial government and then to the Municipalities.

I have a list of the Federal jurisdiction in my book on page 47 but you can find the information by searching the web. There are jurisdiction that overlaps or they are partially funded by different levels of government.

So what are your priorities for this election? Make a list, it will be useful later when you will either contact the candidates in your riding and during the debates.

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