Election 2021 – Contact the candidates in your riding

So the debates are good to do some interviews with the leader of the party. However it is as important to get to know who the candidates in your riding are. It is important to ask them question and find out what their priorities are. Yes, every party has publish a platform, their promises and their vision.

What is still not 100% clear is how the candidates in your riding feel is their number one goal or issue they want to push, if elected. Every one that wants to be in parliament have things they want to see changed or created. It is one of the reason people become candidates in an election.

We has voters need to find out what their agenda is, otherwise you may not know who you are sending to parliament.

Now this will not take long. You have your list of priorities, right? With that you can come up with questions to ask the candidates. Also, you may have watch some of the debates or are planning to watch the upcoming debates. Did you hear a question that you want to ask the candidate in your riding? If you are waiting for an upcoming debates that is perfect, you can start the email and plug in the questions later.

To find out who the candidates are in your riding, go to Election Canada. On the first page they have a place to put in your postal code to find out the information you need.

Once you put in your postal code and the street you live on, the search will have a menu bar at the top that will show you who the candidates are in your riding.

When you click on the Candidates menu item, it will list the candidates for your riding. For my riding I got a list of website for the candidates that where I will go to get an email address so that I can send them in my questions.

The number one rule when sending your email, is to be RESPECTFUL and POLITE. You may not agree with the party they represent or what has happen during the past few years, but no one will respond to you if you are not respectful and polite. If you are angry about something, just say “I am angry about…”.  Do not call them name. Do not threaten them. DO NOT SWEAR!

Here is an approximate format of the email I will send to all the candidates in my riding:

Subject: Election 2021

I have seen on Election Canada that you are a candidate for my riding.

Here are a list of my priorities:

(put list here in bullet point)

Here are some questions I have about you:

(put a list of questions here in bullet point)

Please answer to me before (put a date here)

And then sign the email with your name.


If the candidate has a website, check it out, there may be answers to your questions on it.

The other tool you can use to find out more about how your priorities align with a federal political party is to use the Compass tool (it is in English and in French). If you are bilingual like me, try both see if you get the same answer!

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