Why I never tell people who to vote for

I wrote my book, The Power of Your Vote, because I noticed people stop believing that their vote has power. It has the power to give 338 people jobs in the Federal government. However, no where in the book do I say who to vote for, BECAUSE political parties change, candidates change, leader changer, and their program and agenda changes.

Another reason is that I know we each have our priorities and needs from the different federal, provincial, and municipal government agencies. Our priorities change as we go through life’s challenges and milestones. One of the hardest things to achieve when it comes to elections, government, and political parties is perspective and context.

This 2021 election feels different because so much has changed over the past 2 years. ALL of our lives have changed. Every one has had hard times, stress, and life altering moments. As of this moment, I still do not know for whom I will cast my vote on Monday September 20, 2021. And the clock is ticking! Of all the candidates in my riding, online one answered my email with questions about this election.

Here are some numbers and facts to remember has you make your choice:

  • The 2019 Federal Election. It is important to note that over 9 million people did not vote (the exact number is 9,202,178). What is interesting is that the Liberal Party of Canada got a total of 6,018,728 and the Conservative Party of Canada got a total of 6,239,227. So, who is talking to the 9 million that did not vote?
  • Budgets. It is important to remember that the Federal government transfers money to the Provincial government, who in turn transfers money to Municipal government. If the Federal Government reduces its income by reducing taxes or eliminating fees, it immediately reduces the Federal Budget, which in turn will affect the Provincial Budget, which will affect the Municipal Budget.
  • If one promise or facet of a political party draws you in, make sure you read the complete program. Every party may have one aspect of their plan you really like. It is your responsibility to learn what the rest of their plan consist of before you give them your support. If you need help, try the Compass web application. It will ask you questions, you choose your priorities, and it will tell you which party your more in agreement with.
  • Not voting does not send a message. I’ve heard people say that no political party reaches them. Maybe it is time that voters get in the game by being pro-active and read up on party’s agenda and programs. It could be said that some party would rather you do not vote – IF you are not voting for them. I believe that all voters need to vote to send a strong message to elected officials. NOT VOTING, only says you do not care about decision made in your name and with your taxes.

My wish is that the 9 million voters who did not vote in the last election, actually vote in 2021. As much as voting only happens every 4 years (or earlier in case of minority government), it is the follow through that is needed if we want to change what the government plans to do.

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