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Look past the theatrics

Theatrics are great when you watch a magic show. They make the audience look away from where the illusion happens. Theatrics, during an election, a race for leadership of a political party, or to push an agenda, are there to … Continue reading

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Why a book titled The Power of Your Vote

When the idea for the book came, the election was about a year away. What I noticed was that people were already going at each other over allegiance to political party or opinions. However, no one was really talking about … Continue reading

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Did you get into a fight at Christmas by talking politics? We all want to engage in democracy and talk to our family about politics and which party would be best, and who had the best program. However, no matter … Continue reading

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Minority government

At times a minority government may not feel like anyone their election. However, I have to admit that it feels like my vote has more power when there is a minority government in power. The main reason I say this, … Continue reading

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