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Why I never tell people who to vote for

I wrote my book, The Power of Your Vote, because I noticed people stop believing that their vote has power. It has the power to give 338 people jobs in the Federal government. However, no where in the book do … Continue reading

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So the debates are good to do some interviews with the leader of the party. However it is as important to get to know who the candidates in your riding are. It is important to ask them question and find … Continue reading

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Why a book titled The Power of Your Vote

When the idea for the book came, the election was about a year away. What I noticed was that people were already going at each other over allegiance to political party or opinions. However, no one was really talking about … Continue reading

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Minority government

At times a minority government may not feel like anyone their election. However, I have to admit that it feels like my vote has more power when there is a minority government in power. The main reason I say this, … Continue reading

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